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    Since appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank’s Holiday Special last season, PolyGlide Ice “Icetrepreneur” Jim Loughran has quickly seen what the “Power of Shark Tank” can do for his company to help gain national exposure for his special Brand of synthetic ice surface.

    “After pitching on Shark Tank the response and positive feedback from viewers has been overwhelming”, said Loughran. “Although I didn’t get a deal, I knew I was on the right track when sales began to take-off and confirmed my belief in that people LOVE to ice skate and especially loved the idea of doing it in the comfort of their own home!”.

     “There’s a certain fear factor for beginners heading out to the ice rink for the first time to try to learn how to skate. For most the memory is one of holding onto the boards for dear life while trying to keep their ankles straight wearing some poor-fitting rental skates”, said Loughran. “After a lap or two they’re looking forward to getting to the gate and that first cup of hot chocolate”, added Loughran.

    Polyglide Ice offers skaters a fresh new option of setting-up their own home rink (big or small) that can start with an investment with as little as $59.95. The new PolyGlide “Home Ice Panel” offers the average homeowner the option of testing out the product on a smaller scale as opposed to investing thousands of dollars on a large rink.

    “It’s a unique niche product that is gaining acceptance and takes some educating of the public to fully understand the full potential of this product”, said Loughran. “Now folks in warm climate areas that may have to drive hours to the nearest rink can lay down a few panels on their deck or garage and work on their skating skills in the comfort of their own home without starting the car!”.

    Look for PolyGlide to continue its rise “After the Tank” and stay true to their slogan by helping the skating public to



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