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    Home Ice Supplies has become a leader in synthetic ice technologies with the develpment of PolyGlide Ice. PolyGlide Ice is designed for both commercial and residential installations offering quality and affordability for all clients and customers. Some panel options include the following:

    • Grip-Lock Dovetail Edging
    • Flush Perimeter Edging
    • Radius Corners
    • Lines & Face-Off Circles
    • Goalie Creases
    • Infused "Self-lubricating" panels
    • Portable Home Ice Panel
    • Dasher Board laminates

    Since our recent appearance on ABC's Shark Tank (season 8, Episode 11) it quickly became apparent we were on the right track to addressing our customers needs.....a quality product at an affordable price! In order to achieve these goals we knew we needed to provide our customers with a large array of panel choices. WIth the "Home Ice" and "PolyGlide-Pro" panels we have the perfect solution for any home rink installation! 


    Jim Loughran, Owner / Founder

    Having spent close to 40 years in the construction industry with both mechanical and structural backround, Home Ice Supplies founder Jim Loughran began developing PolyGlide Ice while coaching youth hockey in Long Island, NY.

    "I worked my whole life in the construction industry and being a hockey dad in the Northeast, I would make an annual attempt each passing January to build an outdoor rink, praying for freezing weather that maybe lasted three weeks if I was lucky. After a few years, I got fed up and started researching alternative options using the right blend of polymer compunds and it just took off from there", said Loughran.

    "After testing out other products on the market I was able to find the perfect formulation that offered optimum glide and was easy to maintain" added Loughran.

    Since that time Loughran's company has continued to grow and recently was featured on ABC's Shark Tank (season 8, episode 11). "Being on Shark Tank was a great experience for me and helped me find out what I needed to do to take my company to the next level", said Loughran. "Although I didn't get a deal, the feedback from the Sharks was invaluable and will help me take PolyGlide where it needs to be while retaining 100% of the company!".